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Using Fibonacci Sequence to Estimate Project Effort

Project management is one of the core task of a Product Manager. In project management, you need to estimate the effort of each initiatives so you can know the man hour needed to build the project. The estimation is also important for you to communicate the timeline and scope of...


Decouple: One Important Trait as a Product Manager

Several weeks ago, Gojek, one of the unicorn in Indonesia redesigned their app. It was a major overhaul that changed the overall UX of the app completely. Not long after that, critics started to surface in social media. The comments were varies, but most of it were harsh critics that...


You Need to Make a lot of Mistakes as a PM

It was a sunny afternoon when I waited for someone in front of Starbucks. He was one of my interviewer that interviewed me for a PM position. I didn’t get the job, so I wanted to get a feedback from him what could I do better based on his experience...