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Thank You and Farewell For Now, Traveloka

The day was December 17th, 2014. The sky was gloomy as I went to Grand Slipi Tower for my first day at Traveloka. The company was still quite small with a little more than 100 employees. I was employee number 119, so there should be around 120 employees in the...


Thesis Finished

Today I have finished my thesis. Woohoo!!! Well, I have to say that it’s not that hard to do your thesis. Well, maybe because I got an easy topic so I didn’t get a lot of trouble to do it. I took a topic in database, which is a topic...


Thesis, Finally!

I’m feeling old now. Lol. Finally I will do my thesis writing. Time flies so fast. Actually, Fasilkom let me graduate just by taking some course and get 144 credits, but I choose the hard way (don’t ask me why). :’) This afternoon I met Mrs Ika to consult the...


Software Design Competition in Gemastik 6 – Part 1

Hi! It’s been a long time since the last time I post in this tumblr. 🙂 So, I want to share my experience in Software Design Category in Gemastik 6. I follow this competition with 2 of my friends, Farah Nuraini and Elizabeth. Ok, the first one is my girlfriend....


Winner of Gemastik 6!

One dream achieved. First place in Gemastik 6! Thanks Farah Nuraini and Elizabeth. We are a great team! 😀


Welcome Semester 6!!!

Well, ngga terasa akhirnya masuk ke semester 6 aja nih kuliahnya. Semester besok kayaknya bakal seru. Dibumbui sama proyek propensi, persiapan buat Imagine Cup, Gemastik, dan lomba lain. Semoga semester besok Floxcript bisa jalan juga, ngga wacana lagi. Semester besok juga kayaknya bakal sibuk dengan amanah sebagai MSP Lead Jabodetabek....


Seberapa Cepat Update Wikipedia?

Foto ini diambil saat halftime dan Muntari mencetak gol pertamanya untuk Milan pada menit ke 29. Kurang dari 16 menit setelah kejadian, artikel ini telah terupdate. Super sekali kontributor Wikipedia. :O


First Post

Yak, pertama kali kenalan sama tumblr. Just say: System.out.println(“Hello Tumblr!!!”);