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Thank You and Farewell For Now, Traveloka

The day was December 17th, 2014. The sky was gloomy as I went to Grand Slipi Tower for my first day at Traveloka. The company was still quite small with a little more than 100 employees. I was employee number 119, so there should be around 120 employees in the...


You Need to Make a lot of Mistakes as a PM

It was a sunny afternoon when I waited for someone in front of Starbucks. He was one of my interviewer that interviewed me for a PM position. I didn’t get the job, so I wanted to get a feedback from him what could I do better based on his experience...


Be Brave and Just Ask

Have you ever feel like you want to ask something, but you are afraid to do it? If the answer is no, then congratulation! You have master the art of asking or you simply don’t afraid to ask something. However, for most of people, especially in Asian country, asking is...


The Little Things That Matter

If you come here to find a romantic story, then you have to be dissapointed. No, it’s not that romantic little thing. I want to discuss about the little things that could help you change yourself or even the world. Have you ever plan to do or to create something...


Are You Willing to Sacrifice?

Yesterday, I was trying to install hackintosh on my notebook. Hackintosh is a mac that can be installed in a PC. I have tried it since 2 weeks ago, but I couldn’t make it to work. I always got a different error when I tried to use a different configuration....


Invest Your Time

As a fresh graduate, we are often told that we should invest our money for the future. We should start as soon as possible, because we are still single and we don’t have a big spending every month. Many people may find it hard to do for some reason. Some...


Moonshot Thinking

I watched this inspiring video on Google Culture Day in Traveloka. So basically, Moonshot is a very high target that we set for ourself or our company to achieve. Usually, it is many thing that people believe is impossible. We have seen many of it in our live. Human in...


Be a Part of Something Big

It’s been a long time since the last time I wrote in this blog. Kinda busy and lazy to write something. So, it’s been 3 weeks since I started working in as a Data Analyst. I feel great working here because I surounded by many great people and most...


8 Traits of Successful People

8 traits of successful people by Richard St. John Found this video recently. Great insight! (Source: