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Something bad was happened to me last week. I can’t access my Amazon account because it asked for SMS OTP when I tried to login to my account. I don’t have access to my old US number, so there is no way I can get the OTP code. What make it worse was the only way to contact Amazon customer service is by phone to US number! They don’t have any other channel available to contact their customer service for whatever reason. Damn, can you imagine how expensive it is to call US number from Indonesia?

After finding some possible ways to contact the customer service, I found a workaround that could enable me to contact them freely. Yay!

The answer is to use Skype. After did some research, turns out Skype can be used to call US toll free number without any charge. Skype support the following toll free numbers:

France: +33 800, +33 805, +33 809
Poland: +48 800
UK: +44 500, +44 800, +44 808
USA: +1 800, +1 866, +1 877, +1 888
Taiwan: +886 80

So, for Amazon, they provides 2 kind of customer service numbers. The one for calling from US and the international number for calling from outside US. The US number is +1-888-280-4331 and the international number is +1 206-922-0880. As you can see that the US number is listed in the Skype’s toll free number (+1-888), so you can call this number free of charge using Skype.

This Skype service can be used for toll free numbers from other companies. Hopefully it could be helpful for you if you encounter similar problem like me.

Nanda Firdaus

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