Are You Willing to Sacrifice?

Yesterday, I was trying to install hackintosh on my notebook. Hackintosh is a mac that can be installed in a PC. I have tried it since 2 weeks ago, but I couldn’t make it to work. I always got a different error when I tried to use a different configuration. Yesterday, I did it better, because I can got rid of the errors and enter the setup screen.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t format my hard-disk’s partition for the mac installation. It always stuck and didn’t format my hard-disk correctly. After many attempts, I decided to try to format my hard-disk, which means that I will lose all of my data. I knew that, but I did it.

Fortunately, it works! I can finish the installation process successfully. Finally, I can install a hackintosh on my notebook. Eventhough there are still many bugs that exist and some of the hardware couldn’t work, I’m happy that I can try to use a mac.

From this event, I learn that to get something that we want, sometimes we have to sacrifice all things that we have. I have to lose all of my precious data just to try a mac. Maybe it is not a big deal, but I will face something worse than this in the future. I have to choose and sacrifice something that I love. It will be happen because there is a price that you should pay to get something, and sometimes it is not cheap.

The sad story is, it is the one who willing to sacrifice more that will get a better result. Many successful people have sacrifice something to get what they have. Time, money, love, health, and many more. There will be no success without a sacrifice.

So, are you willing to sacrifice something that you love to get something that you want? Well, you have to.

Nanda Firdaus

Graduate Student in Information System Management at Carnegie Mellon University. Previously worked as Marketing Technology Analyst and Data Analyst in Passionate about new technology and have interest in data, business and investment. Ex-Microsoft Student Partner. Graduated from Information System, Faculty of Computer Science, Universitas Indonesia.

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