Fix Screen Resolution Problem in OS X Mavericks

If you use Mac OS X Mavericks in VMWare, you might encounter a screen resolution problem. Mac just show 4:3 screen ratio in display settings. You would not be able to get a full screen experience. According to this post, Apple decide to show just appropriate screen resolution based from your monitor. The aspect ratio is taken from VESA DDC EDID for the monitor. In VMWare, there is no monitor so there is no EDID. Thus, Mac decides the monitor is 4×3.

To solve this problem lets follow these simple steps. For your information, I did this trick in a fresh installed virtual machine. If you have modified the settings maybe it could affect this trick. Before you proceed, it is a good idea to update your system first.

Congrats! Now your Mac can be full screen! 😀

Nanda Firdaus

Ex-engineer who is switching to product management role in Traveloka. Passionate about new technology and have interest in product development, business, and investment. Ex-Microsoft Student Partner. Master of Information System Management at Carnegie Mellon University. Bachelor of Information System, Faculty of Computer Science, Universitas Indonesia.

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3 Responses

  1. Paras Tolani says:

    Thanks, Worked like a charm

  2. martymankins says:

    Worked for me here, too. I had a previous VM of OS X Lion and the multiple resolutions were there, so was confused why Mavericks was stuck on one resolution. Thanks for this fix.

  3. Alexandros Chrysidis says:

    I have been wondering around this issue for almost all evening. Your solution was the only one that worked. Thank you so much!

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