Improve Macintosh’s Graphic Performance in VMWare

First post in this new blog! 😀

So, I want to share my experience with my Mac. What? Yes. I’m a Microsoft Student Partner, but I’m open to all technologies. 😉

I have use Macintosh for 1 year, but I rarely use it. I just use it to learn how to code iOS app in my spare time. I installed my Mac in VMWare. It’s really good, but the biggest problem is the graphic performance is poor. I have 2GB vram, but VMWare just allow me to use 128MB for my Mac. Well, to be honest I feel uncomfortable when using it.

I found a way to improve my Mac’s graphic performance by install a graphic driver called VMsvga2. This is a driver for Mac that running as VMWare guest OS. You can download it from

After you download the file, copy it to your Mac in VMWare and install it. After finishing the installation process, the installer will prompt you to restart your Mac. Just do it.

Congratulation, your graphic performance is increased. I can feel the difference and feel more comfortable when using it. Good luck! 🙂

Nanda Firdaus

Ex-engineer who is switching to product management role in Traveloka. Passionate about new technology and have interest in product development, business, and investment. Ex-Microsoft Student Partner. Master of Information System Management at Carnegie Mellon University. Bachelor of Information System, Faculty of Computer Science, Universitas Indonesia.

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3 Responses

  1. Vinay says:

    It workkksss……Thanks bro….this is helpful…:)

  2. Emil says:

    VMsvga2 .actually it’s decrease my graphics 128 mb to 32 mb on my mac os x yosemite guest os.

  3. James says:

    it has been decreased to 32mb and my screen is completely black… How can i remove it!?

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